The Townsend Parks and Recreation Board was established to develop and maintain a comprehensive parks and recreation program. The Parks and Recreation Board consists of five (5) board members, one member from the City Commission designated as the Parks and Recreation Commissioner, and four (4) members of the community. The Board’s responsibilities include reviewing and recommending an annual operating Parks and Rec budget, coordinating all recreational activities under the control of the city, and making recommendations to implement, alter, amend, or repeal current regulations pertaining to Townsend’s park and recreation facilities and activities.


Parks and Recreation Board Members:
Chairman: Kelsey Satterfield, Parks & Rec Commissioner, term expires August 2026
Vice-Chairman: Jama Bryant, term expires August 2026
Board member: Cathy Sostak, term expires August 2026
Board member: Tammy Blady, term expires August 2024
Board member: Brett Smith, term expires August 2024

 Parks and Recreation Bylaws

Parks and Recreation Mission/Vision Statements








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